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Dr. Kim Raharja has been an optometrist for over 15 years.

She is a woman of extensive education and knowledge

There are very few gifts as inspiring and captivating as the gift of sight. Atlanta Eye Associates believes that age-related macular disease, cataracts, and refractive error should not prevent you from experiencing the beauty of the world.

Our highly-skilled optometrists, with their unparalleled knowledge of eye technologies and sciences work together to offer you the most appropriate medical treatment and care options for your budget and individual needs. We offer a comprehensive range of services in eyecare, from regular eye examinations to more advanced procedures like sclerals, dry eye therapies, pediatric, myopia control (ortho-k and peripheral defocus contacts), diabetes, glaucoma management plus much more.

We accept many vision and medical plans. Please call us to set up and appointment at 770-409-8977. 

Dr. Kim Raharja is a distinguished optometrist who has won numerous awards. She is exemplary of the commitment we have to quality. She was awarded the Georgia Young Optometrist of the Year in 2011, a rare award bestowed upon her by peers. She was Wal-Mart Doctor of the Year, president of the Greater Atlanta Optometric Association, and a national lecturer for dry eye disease and contact lenses. Her extensive experience of over 15 years in the Atlanta area, as well as her knowledge of contact lenses, medical eye care, and pediatric eye care, have made her a respected expert.

About Us


Routine Exams


The start of most journeys with us. Let us get to know you and see how we can help!

Dry Eye Therapy

Is your vision unstable minute by minute? Watery or pain in your eyes and drops are not helping? We can help.

Specialty Contact Lenses


Our extensive training and advanced technology allow us to provide contact lenses that are not typically available at an ordinary eye doctor's office. Our range of offerings includes HOA lenses, Eyeprint Pro, Sclerals, Custom soft lenses, lenses for dry eyes, Ortho-K, and much more. We begin with a routine eye exam and then schedule you for a specialty fit that can take up to two hours.

Myopia Management


Are your eyeglasses getting thicker and thicker every year? If left unchecked, myopia increases your risk of serious eye diseases going into adulthood. We are certified in all different ways to manage myopia. 

Urgent Care Eye Exams


Red eyes that are not going away or something fly in your eye? Call us right away to see if we need to get you in asap.

Computer Vision Syndrome


Headaches and double vision are some of the common issues. Our doctors can order a Neurolens test to see if this is right for you.

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About Us

Atlanta Eye Associates offers comprehensive eye services—including both medical and vision exams—for patients of all ages. We are committed to providing the highest quality vision care using the latest technology and accept a variety of medical and vision insurance plans.


Dr. William Kim, OD
Dr. William Kim, OD


Dr. Kim Raharja, OD
Dr. Kim Raharja, OD

Clinic Director

Dr. Kristi Merritt, OD
Dr. Kristi Merritt, OD


Zayra Castillo, COA
Zayra Castillo, COA

Optometrist Assistant

Our Staff
Children's Eye Exam


“These night contacts help me see so well without any glasses or contacts during the day. I can swim without any goggles or contacts. It's so awesome!”

Hanson N.

“Thank you Dr. Kim. After my corneal transplant, I didn't think I could ever recover my vision. Your special contact lenses are comfortable, and I feel normal again.”

Janet T.

“I was referred to Dr. Kim about a scleral refit. She got it on the first try with technology I have never encountered before. Her assistant was equally exceptional. I wish I met them the first time around!”

Charles S.

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Our 2 Locations

5456 Jimmy Carter BLVD Ste 280

Norcross, GA 30093 \\ Tel: 770-409-8977 

1841 Chamblee Tucker Rd Ste 1-4b

Atlanta, GA 30341 \\ Tel: 770-409-8977 

Opening Hours

Norcross: Monday – Friday  11AM – 6PM

Saturday    Closed


Chamblee: By Appointment Only


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